The latest release of the CompCert C compiler is version 3.0, released in February 2017. See here for a description of this compiler. Changes from earlier releases are summarized here. Earlier releases can be found here. The current state of the development can be viewed on Github.

Source distribution

Download the source code: Compcert C version 3.0 (for Coq 8.5) or Compcert C version 3.0.1 (for Coq 8.6).
(Check integrity with the SHA1 checksums.)
Download the user's manual in PDF or browse it online.

The sources compile and run on the following platforms:

  • Intel and AMD x86 processors (with SSE2), under Linux, MacOS X, or Windows with Cygwin.
  • PowerPC / Linux machines.
  • ARM / Linux machines (tested on Raspberry Pi and Cubie Truck machines).

To compile, you will need:

  • The Coq proof assistant version 8.5pl2 or 8.5pl3 (for CompCert version 3.0) or version 8.6 (for CompCert version 3.0.1), available from or prepackaged in OPAM, MacPorts, and many Linux distributions.
  • The OCaml functional language, version 4.02 or later, available from or prepackaged in OPAM, MacPorts, and many Linux distributions.
  • The Menhir parser generator version 20161201 or later, available from Inria or prepackaged in OPAM.

Refer to the user's manual for installation instructions.

The CompCert C compiler is not free software. This public release can be used for evaluation, research and education purposes, but not for commercial purposes. See the License for more information. The AbsInt company sells a version of CompCert that has no such restrictions and can be used for commercial purposes. Contact for more information.

For questions and feedback about the CompCert C compiler, please contact

Browse the Coq development

The Coq development can also be browsed online.